My freaking amazing service and best friend, Fletcher, turns 12 tomorrow. It's a joyous and heartbreaking time. With doggy dementia, more frequent pneumonia, degenerative disk disease, and his tummy issues, we know all the hard choices are leading to him and I making one really tough discussion.

I met his human caretaker and began following the pups before they were born. Celebrated their birth and knew which one was my heart soon after. He started his training at 4 weeks old. I met him at 6 weeks, bonding immediately and brought this monster home when he was 8 weeks old. When he was just 10 weeks old, he alerted me for the first time of what we now know is cataplexy.

His grandma and grandpa and Daddy and I have learned so much from him about love, kindness, caring, how to be a fcking awesome man and so much more! I wish both he and I were strong enough to go to his favourite place, EPCOT, where he did much of his service dog training and celebrated his first 3 birthdays, until his back made it too difficult to go.

Fletcher has had a full joyous life and every day we are blessed with him will continue to be filled with Cherished memories and happiness. We'll play his favourite music, watch a lot of Lassie and have a lot of cuddles.

I don't know how long we have left with Fletcher but it won't be enough.

Don't forget to share with your family, bald, furry, feathered or otherwise, all the love and happiness and joy that can be packed into everyone's short lives.