Jasmine's Hollow™ is an all-inclusive destination open to all for interactive exploration, live music, meeting friends and making a home in SL. 


We are offering very limited shop space to talented creators and artists (no reseller vendors) both adjacent to and across from the entrance of this unique Adirondack steampunk(c), moderate sim.


 Any script usage must be low lag. Additionally, we ask that renters do not use hovering text. 


We offer two spaces, each with a prim allowance of 150 LI for 200$L/week but we welcome alternative proposals. 


Please contact Jasmine0Alaya Resident in worlwith any questions or to rent shoppe space by notecard with a follow up IM.



* Shop name  in our listings

* Advertising on our website and social media outlets

* Option of offering door prizes/gifts/etc during shows at The Dirty Grind

* You ARE welcome to participate in or organize hunts

*30+ hrs of events/per month

* Optional private sky platform 



Make sure to stop by our village shops while you enjoy your time at Jasmine's Hollow™.




Wouldn't it be wonderful to live within a constantly evolving world blooming with beautiful sights and sounds?


Mingling among forest thickets and the lazy waters of Jasmine's Hollow, well appointed 1-3 room cottages and bungalows are waiting for you to call home.



Nature and machine exist together at Jasmine's Hollow™, an ideal location for friends, romance, photography, enjoying live and independant music wandering our gift shoppes or just to relax in a beautiful and unique setting. 


Meticulously appointed with an artist's touch, secluded cottages and spacious cabins perfect for a weekend getaway, a rendezvous or a refreshing change of scenery are available for rent. Venues unique to the property are also available for special events, parties and weddings, as well as limited shop space for original creators. 


Please contact Lisa Witt in world for more information or to apply for shop space.