The Next Sunday begins in...

But what does this mean?

Good question! This shows you are thinking and that means you have successfully

reached what we call a 'Minimally Conscious State.' Congratulations! You are not vegetative!


But why Sunday?

In our experience, people tend to forget when Sunday is or will be occurring.


Am I God?

No. Although there are times in which one may be compelled to imitate

a higher being, such as 'God,' this is caused by an inflation of

one's ego. Entering social situations can cure this elevation.

Where can I find out more information on


We live in an era in which our species' current knowledge is the

most accessible it has been in a long time. We would like to encourage

you to delve into your own search to broaden your expanse of this

knowledge. The following secure links may be helpful in your journey.


Definition of Sunday by Merriam-Webster

Why is Sunday called Sunday?

 Google Calendar of Gweeb/Dirk/Scott

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